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I have several prototypes in the works for card and board games that offer unique playing experience.  I’m hoping to get one or more of them manufactured and available in the near future, but at the moment none of them are commercially available.  So be sure to check back here occasionally for news.

Jan 12, 2015: I’ve decided to add information about the games I’m developing. Maybe if it generates interest I will get back to them sooner.

July 29, 2013: Okay, at this rate, I’ll never get any of these games out there unless I find a way to quit my day job. I haven’t given up though.

Jan 18, 2013: Sorry.  No new news yet.



A card game for 2-4 players that involves mutant-sized pests and massively destructive weapons. Still working out some of the kinks in the gameplay.

squirrelly squirrels

ferocious fleas

board with rusty nail

rolled up newspaper

VORTEX (a.k.a. Storm Chasers)

A circular maze game for 2-4 players. Players race to get their pieces to the center of the maze.


A traditional board game where 2-4 players follow a twisting path to find gold. Along the way players encounter pitfalls and there is an opportunity for players to lay traps and steal gold from their opponents.


A traditional board game like Sorry or Trouble, but with one awesome visual element that I won’t describe here until the game is more mature in its development. Players must get all their pieces Home to win.


Obviously this is a variant of Checkers. I just could never come up with a better name. The game involves special squares that change the way pieces move when you land on them.


This is another variant of Checkers, but unlike Super-Checkers, I really feel this variant has potential. There are two types of pieces: hoops and pawns. The object is to get as many of your pawns to the other side without getting captured by your opponent, and vice versa.


This was a marble game that I originally had high hopes for but ended up being disastrous. The object was to pull rods from a game board trying to drop as many of your opponent’s marbles as possible while saving your own. I created a prototype and played it several times with my son. Every game ended up in a tie. Needless to say, I haven’t picked it up again since.

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