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“Eden M51” is a story about discovery.

This was my very first book and represents eight years of work (two years of writing, and six years of learning how not to write).

Eden exists, tucked away in a remote corner of the universe.

In the year 2283, overpopulation, resource depletion, and climate change have pushed global civilization to the brink of collapse. Colonies on the moon and beneath the oceans, despite years of development, are struggling to survive.  As international tensions escalate, and humanity faces an impending crisis for subsistence, a new race has quietly begun, one to find a habitable planet for human expansion outside the solar system.  Thus far, however, every expedition sent has resulted in monumental disappointment, and occasionally, tragedy.

But all is not lost.

A U.S. interstellar probe, launched decades earlier, unexpectedly transmits a burst of tantalizing figures on a remote alien world in the M51 galaxy, yielding the first promising data scientists have seen in years.  In response, an international team of experts is hastily assembled to investigate the prospective planet over thirty million light years away.  Each with their own set of hopes and agendas, what they discover upon arrival is more than any of them imagined – something that forces them to confront the shadows of their past and to reevaluate their choices for Man’s future.

Commander Nathaniel Hawke, a renowned pilot in the United States Department of Space Defense, is selected to lead the mission.  Approaching middle age and driven by inner demons, he views the expedition to M51 as one last opportunity for redemption.  But in the end, will the journey offer the salvation he seeks, or cast him further into despair?


In addition to this book, I have written a short story titled “Toward and End Known” that is intended to complement “Eden M51” by telling the story from the eyes of the female protagonist, il’Naioth Zil-temi.  The short story is now available on multiple e-book sites.

Here is the cover treatment for “Toward an End Known.”



Next up: “The Peacemaker of Purgog (Book One of The Accidental Diplomat)”

This soon to be coming middle grade series will feature the escapades of Larry Crawford, an unlucky teen who has the singular misfortune of stepping into a miniature wormhole that dumps him into a swamp full of warmongering frogs. Think you’re having a bad day? You don’t know Larry!

WRITING (100%) – 53,500 words
EDITING (100%) – Now working on formatting print and e-book versions and will soon shop around for a traditional publisher.

Writing Sample


I’ve also begun working on a sequel to “Eden M51.” Working title is “The God Gate.” I don’t want to reveal much because it’s still in the early planning stages but it takes place ten years after the first novel ends. The story will again revolve around Nathaniel Hawke, but with mostly new characters and it will be a little darker than the first story. That’s all I’m going to say (for now).

WRITING (37%) – based on estimated 120,000 words

Chapter 1 (Sample)


I started on a short story while on a business trip. I don’t know what inspired it really. I was trying to work on my other projects. It’s a story about an eight year old boy who’s moved from Earth to the Mars colony and his efforts to fit in with his new classmates in a very structured and harsh environment. It’s called “Laster.”

WRITING (100%) – based on estimated 7,500 words
EDITING (100%)

At the moment I’m shopping it around to see if I can get it published in a sci-fi magazine.

And because I keep biting off more than I can chew: “The Arbitrator of Aramystia (Book Two of The Accidental Diplomat)”

In which Larry continues his adventure with Wendell, this time on the Endless Fields where he must use all his negotiating powers to prevent a population of prairie dogs from revolting against their unicorn overlords.

WRITING (10%) – 50,000 words


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